Thursday, 26 June 2008

Congratulations to Kang !!!

Date: 26th June 2008
Venue: BBQ Village Chinese Restaurant

Congratulations to Kang who has got 1st class honor. So, he gave
us a treat to celebrate his success.

Grilled lamb

Fried Pork

Tao Foo with prawn

Fried vege (aubergine, green pepper & potato)

My birthday gift & wishes

Thanks to all my friends for your loving birthday gifts & wishes.
Thanks for birthday call from Kai Tit, birthday text from Wooi
and some other friends & brothers & sisters who has wished me
in my blog or email.

Birthday card from my family

Birthday card & flower from Rita (my colleague)

Birthday card from Dee (my colleague)

Drawing from Linda (pre-school child)

Birthday gift from Saloni (pre-school child)

Huge birthday card from all children of kids club

Handcream & birthday card from Amy

Facial product from Kang

Birthday card & gift from LiPing & Tong

Birthday card from Jin Xiang (all the way from London)

Birthday card from BCEC Sunday School

Birthday card from Jill & wives

DVD from Shane

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mango... mango

It's always easy for us to get mango in Malaysia. It can be very cheap
sometimes. But, mango is super expensive in UK. It cost us £1 per mango.

Card Making

Date: 24th June 2008
Venue: Jill's house

We were blessed to have Ann again at Jill's house for card making

Lunch at Ha Suk's house

Date: 23rd June 2008
Venue: Ha Suk's house

I'm very blessed to be invited to Ha Suk's house for lunch. She's a Korean
missionary. She has been in Nigeria many years with her husband
and 2 children for mission work. She's a lovely lady and she loves


Date: 22nd June 2008
Venue: our home

At first we wanted to have BBQ on Saturday, but it was raining for the
whole day, so we cancelled and had it on Sunday after the Sunday
Service. We have invited Kang & Kris for the BBQ. Due to
miscommunication, Denise was left out.... haha!!!!!
It was not a good day for BBQ as it was very windy. We found
it very difficult to get the fire on....... but we managed to get
some nicely BBQ chicken wing and sausages.

Longest day in 2008

Date: 21st June 2008

According to calender, today is the longest day in 2008.


Date: 21st June 2008
Venue: IKEA

After my first aid course (second day), we went to Ikea with Kang Kang.
The IKEA in Birmingham is super big......
We have bought a table top for £22 and 4 table legs for £7. haha....

it's not too bad lah... but the problem is you need to fix it yourself.....

Choir presentation

Date: 20th June 2008
Venue: BCEC

Choir presented about 7 songs and followed by testimony of Sun Ping.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Picnic at Jill's house

Date: 17th June 2008
Venue: Jill's house

What a lovely day !!!! We had picnic at Jill's garden. We enjoyed the
sunshine, the food & the fellowship.