Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Warwick Castle trip

Date: 24th August 2008
Venue: Warwick Castle

Pastor Trevor gave us the free voucher to entered Warwick Castle weeks ago.
But, we could not find a suitable time to visit that place. So, we have decided
to visit during the bank holiday weekend. It was really "people mountain
people sea".... haha!!!!!!

For more information about Warwick Castle, please visit

Guy's tower (behind Joyce)

At Oak Tree Lawn

The performance of bowman

Children's activity at Castle Courtyard

Model of Warwick Castle

In the Chapel, Great Hall & State Room

The Rampart's walk

Entrance of Guy's Tower

Ceasar's Tower

View from top of the tower

Riverbank of Mill & Engine House

The Trebuchet

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bye bye Ngiik Yan

Date: 20th August 2008

After 4 months staying in Birmingham, our dear Ngiik Yan has decided
to move to Scotland. Thanks for the wonderful gifts that you have
given us and may God lead & guide you everyday.
Do remember to visit us once you come back to Birmingham.... hehe!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Baby sitter

Date: 18th August 2008
Venue: Yang Yang's house

Today is my first day being a baby sitter....... nervous loh......
I will be his baby sitter whenever there's half term holiday or
summer holiday. haha..... he's a good boy.....

Li Chiu's farewell

Date: 13th August 2008
Venue: Wendy & Alex's house

Li Chiu will be going back to Taiwan on 15th August 2008 after 4 year
of hard work in completing her PHD. So, we paid her and her son,
Benny a visit. Li Chiu's sister in law is so kind that she
invited us to her house for dinner....... haha.... again..... blessing!!!!
This is the 1st time, we had dinner with so many people, 9 people
in her family (Li Chiu & son, Li Chiu's sister in law & husband,
Li Chiu's brother in law & family, Li Chiu's mother in law)

Taiwanese dishes.....

The Zhou's family

Nelson, Joyce, Li Chiu & Benny

Dinner at Yan Yan's house

Date: 12th August 2008
Venue: Yan Yan's house

We were blessed to be invited to Yan Yan's house for dinner.
I was lead to a small table by her youngest daughter, Michelle when

i reached their house. I was very touched and surprised to see the
welcoming note prepared by Michelle's sister, Julia. Beside the
welcoming note is the drawing done by Michelle. They are so

Welcoming note (prepared by Julia)

Drawing done by Michelle

Em?? Why Joyce is taller & bigger than Nelson??

Michelle, Nelson & Julia

Julia, Joyce, Michelle

Delicious nya.....

Michelle's violin.... so small.... hehe

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Gathering at Chung Yin Garden

Date: 11th August 2008
Venue: Chung Yin Garden Chinese Restaurant

Thanks to Yeh Ren who has gathered us for this wonderful dinner.
We have not really "keep in touch" with them after we stop attending
Living Spring cell group. It's great to have a nice chat with you guys,
Amy, Yeh Ren, Yuan Yuan & Gideon.
Tao Foo with seafood

This one really sedap!!!!
Fried Squip and aubergine

Sweet & sour ribs

Fried beef

Fried lotus root

Garlic Kai Lan

Monday, 11 August 2008

Damian's farewell

Date: 10th August 2008
Venue: Selly Oak Elim Church

Pastor Damian is a very fun & caring pastor. I still remember that
he is one of the first person who greeted us when we first visited
Elim church. He will be moving to Corby with family to plant
a new church. May God bless his new ministry in Corby and may
God continue to lead and guide them.

Maggie, Pastor Damian, Nelson & Joyce

Steam chicken - prepared by Nelson

Date: 9th August 2008
Venue: our home

After we have waited for ages, finally we have chance to sit down
together with Ngiik Yan for steam chicken feast.......As usual,
Nelson is the weekend chef and i need to tell you that my
dear husband did a great job in preparing the steam chicken
and bean sprout. yummy!!!!!! yummy!!!!!!!

Holiday Club

Date: 5th - 8th August 2008
Venue: Tiverton Primary School

This is the first time i join the Holiday Club organized by Elim Church.
It was a four-day camp. The theme of the club is Champion Challenge
so all the programs were related to sports.

There were around 50 children and they were divided to 4 teams,
Jumpers (5-6 years old)
Swimmers (7-8 years old)
Surfers (8-10 years old)
Runners (11-12 years old)

I was incharged of registration and craft. On the first day, we made
team made paper plate face on second day. While on third day, we
made olympic torch and madal on forth day.

Paper plate face craft

The gazebo at the entrance

Olympic ring & country's flag

Beside than registration & craft, i was also the steward of the camp.

Heajin (Korea), Val (UK) & Joyce (M'sia)

Heajin, Val & Kristi (UK)