Sunday, 28 February 2010

Langkawi Family Trip 2010 - Day 1

Date: 14th February 2010
Venue: Pulau Payar Marine Park

Early in the morning, at about 7am, we checked in at Swettenham
Pier, Penang. At about 8.30am we departed from Penang by ferry.
It is a 2 hours journey to Pulau Payar. I slept throughout the
journey as i was too tired.

Pulau Payar Marine Park is located 35km south of Langkawi. It is
truly a nature paradise which embracsed lush forestation and
coral gardens.

We reached Pulau Payar at about 10.30am. It was a sunny & bright
day..... i do not know how to swim so i can only float with the help
of life jacket. Of course my dear sis (TY the great) did help a lot in
dragging and pulling me, trying to help me to swim..... haha....

We had buffet lunch at about 1pm. After lunch, we went to the beach at
Pulau Payar. There are small sharks near that island and we can
actually feed the sharks.

We waited for another 2 hours before we could depart to Pulau
Langkawi. It was like the oven on the reef platform, it was so hot
and we felt so dizzy and sleepy. We tried to sleep while waiting.
The 2 hours was like 20 hours on that hot platform.

We checked in at Langkasuka Beach Hotel 5.30pm and we had
dinner at the hotel's restaurant. It is hotel's policy that it's
compulsory to eat in hotel on the first day you check in.
The buffet dinner is RM50 per person. I think it's quite
expensive. The food are not nice and there are flies flying
around as it is an open air restaurant. After the dinner,
we went for a walk along Pantai Cenang. There are a lot of
shops at Pantai Cenang.

End of day 1........

2010 Reunion Dinner in Penang

Date: 13th February 2010
Venue: Teow Chew Beng Chinese Restaurant

We had reunion dinner with my family straight after landed in Penang.
My parents ordered the CNY set dinner. It came with 8 courses.
The first dish was "Yu Shang" and it was the first time Nelson "lou
sang". He felt so excited and kept on asking what should he do. It's great
to be back to Penang and had reunion dinner with my family. I missed
reunion dinner with my family for 2 years as i was in UK..... cherish the
time with them.......

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Reunion Dinner 2010 in KK

Date: 12th February 2010
Venue: Nelson's home in KK

We had great reunion dinner at home in KK..... with great Hakka
dishes cooked all by my mom in-law........ It's great to have all
family members (including Kien Kien) for the dinner.....

Hey??? why Nelson & mom are exlcuded????

Sook Yi & Chun Liang's Wedding Reception

Date: 6th February 2010

Congratulations to Sook Yi & Chun Liang!!!!

Dinner with Roger before CNY

Date: 5th February 2010
Venue: Luyang Restaurant, KK

It's Friday again.... it's time to meet with Roger again....
Since it's almost Chinese New Year, let's go for good food.....
We brought Roger to Luyang Restaurant for dinner and this restaurant
is famous for the Chilli Crab.... it's really tasty........come and try if you
like to eat Chilli Crab

Dinner with Mei Mei

Date: 4th february 2010
Venue: The Hut & Old Town

This is actually the first time i talk to Mei Mei face to face. I used to
hear about her a lot from Nelson and see her from the photo. Finally
i had the chance to meet with her. She's really a nice lady. From the
conversation, i can feel that she's a gentle, patience and caring sister.
She encouraged us a lot with her own experiences and God's promises.
May God continue to bless her, family, her ministry abundantly.
Really hope to see her again in the future.

p/s: too bad that we did not manage to take a photo before she left.......