Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Child protection training

Date: 23rd February 2009
Venue: Eaton Hotel, Hagley Road

I attended a Child Protection Training at Eaton Hotel. I think it's quite a
"posh" training because we had it in hotel where coffee, tea and biscuit
were served. I was so surprised that the lunch was served too....

I prepared my own sandwiches the night before as lunch was not
provided for previous training course, and i have to starve and get a
bus and travel about 15 minutes to the other town just to get a
sandwiches... jia lat!!!!

Through this training, i understood more about child protection. Child
protection is not a troublesome matter, it is a MUST.......

Dinner at Vannes's house

Date: 22nd February 2009
Venue: Vannes's house

We were grateful to be invited to Vannes's house for dinner.
We met her in Elim church and she's a nice person.

Nelson can't wait to start eating

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Penang Hokkien Mee

Date: 21st February 2009
Venue: our home

If you do not know Tean's Gourmet..... I really want to intorduce
to you this Hokkien Mee's paste... It's super nice...
no word to describe............ It really taste like Penang Hokkien
Mee..... Even Malaysian Delight restaurant also can't prepare
such "authentic" Hokkien Mee.......

It's very easy to cook...
1) Prepare all the ingredients (Bean sprout, boiled egg, prawns, etc)
2) Boiled water & add in the Tean's Gourmet's Hokkien Mee paste
3) Slightly boiled the mee & bean sprout to make it soft
4) Ready to serve

Both of us were like never taste Hokkien Mee for 100 years.....
We felt very overwelmed and blessed.... haha...

Ten.. ten..ten... ten.... Home made Penang Hokkien Mee

Joyce..... oh no.....失仪态

Nelson.... also oooh no....also 失仪态

If not delicious enough without this......
again.. ten... ten... ten... ten.... home made 油葱

Besides than Hokkien Mee, we also have home made
Wanton..... Joyce made it..... hehe.....

Thursday, 19 February 2009


It used to be very dark at the place where we place the keyboard.
We have been trying to buy a stand lamp but...... always find an excuse
and never go to buy. Thanks to sister Amy.....she knew that we are
looking for a stand lamp, so she offered to buy for us when she was
at IKEA.... and not only that, she even gave this as present to us......

Thanks a million, Amy

Mum's gathering at Yoko's house

Date: 17th February 2009
Venue: Yoko's house

Well, it's school's half term holiday again.... Again... mums will
have to crack the head to arrange activities for children.
4 mums + 1 baby sitter gathered at Yoko's house for gathering....
Mums gathered for chit chatting while children gathered to play....

Jean's daughter...Tai Won (Korea)

Koseike (Japan), Jessey, Hong Yang, Chen Yu (China)

Makan-makan..... thanks to Yoko for her hard work in preparing all
the "healthy" food for us..... why do i say it's healthy food... let's look
at the menu
i) wholemeal pitta bread + lettuce
ii) steam pumpkin
iii) Seaweed + steam pumpkin
iv) Pasta (with cherry tomatoes, salad creed, raddish with only
a little bit of olive oil and soya sauce)
v) cream cracker
Even the dessert also the healthy one...... Apple crumb (basically just
chop the apples and bring it to boil... then smash it and add a litte of
apple juice)

The "not so healthy food" brought by Joyce & Lily......
i) Garlic bread
ii) Stir fried turkey breast

After the lunch, i prepared a craft for children
i) caterpillar
ii) rocking bird

We really had a great time together to "share" about our marriage
and our previous career before got married......etc.....
Do you expect 5 women to sit there quietly??????

Lily & daughter (Jessey)

Joyce & Yang (sorry ah... not my son... i only baby sit him)

May & daughter (Chen Yu)

Yoko & son (Koseike)

Jean & daughter (Tai won)

Thanks Jill

Jill will be moving to a new apartment soon after staying for about
36 years in the house in Bournbrook Road. She's giving away
FOR FREE some of her furnitures and utensils....... I have got
2 book racks from her. I'm very grateful for her kindness.
She told us that she got most of her things in the house from
other people. Other people gave generously to her, now she
also wants to give generously to other who really need the

She's really a women who has Jesus's heart. Although she is old
and is not physically fit, she still think of visiting & praying for
those who in need. She can't drive as she's under medication,
she will walk or take bus to visit people at home............
What i could say is..........Thanks are super!!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

I am a friend of God - Chris Tomlin

Share with you another song - I am a friend of God (Chris Tomlin)

God is just like our friend. He offers comfort when we are sad,
He encourages us when we are down, He listens to us when
we need a person to talk to......... He shares our happiness when
we are happy, He shares our pain when we are facing difficulties.
He is still be with you when other people turn away from you....

God is the friend of mine...... i am the friend of God....
How about you?

Happy Valentine

Date: 14th February 2009
Venue: our home

Well... who said we have to eat out during Valentine's day?
My dear husband cooked the "red wine stew beef" and
we enjoyed it very much....Happy Valentine's day

Song of Songs in the bible is a book with
beautiful love story......hope you will discover
God's love to us through this love story................

Saturday, 14 February 2009

CNY songs

Em... it's kinda weird to post some CNY song after the CNY...
I saw these MTV in CCC's blog... hehe....
Miss those days where we wear pretty pretty and collect "ang pao"
from anty & uncle... haha

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Chap Goh Meh!!!! Snow!!!!

Date: 9th February 2009
Venue: Khang's house

Again... we gathered at Khang's house (or i should call it Malaysian's house)
to celebrate Chap Goh Meh.......It was snowing....However, we felt warm
when we gathered to have steamboat.......
Thanks to Khang & Kris who prepared all the ingredients...........and
special thanks to Khang for your effort in soaking the whole packet
of "fat choi" in the water...........haha......... so scary!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch with Nelson's colleague

Date: 7th February 2009
Venue: Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant

We had lunch with Nelson's colleague (Say Tuan) and his wife
(Ying Chyung). We had a great time together, enjoying the
food and chit chat...........We talked a lot about food in Malaysia....
All of us miss Malaysian local food, like Laksa, roti canai,
durian, etc......

Inside got mangkuang and don't know what is this.... hehe

Fried Sotong


Forget what is this dish.....

Fried Singapore Beehoon.....

Niu bai ye...

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

From left: Say Tuan (Johor), Ying Chyung (Perak), Joyce
Edith, Alethea, Ezra, Nelson

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Photos with family

Family photos

Before we went back to UK, we took our family photos.....