Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Reunion dinner at Peter & Nora's house

Date: 24th January 2009
Venue: Peter & Nora's house

At first we supposed to meet for reunion dinner on 25th Jan but
as Peter & Ezra both have to go to work very early the next morning...
(Sigh!!!! Chinese New Year is not a public holiday here.... everyone
has to work.... Sigh!!!!) So, we have decided to gather for "early"
reunion dinner.


"Lau Sang"......

From left: Edith (Mrs.Loh, Malaysia), Mr& Mrs.Song
(Singapore, Bulgaria), Ezra (Mr.Loh, Malaysia)
Mr& Mrs Ho (Malaysia), Vannes (Macau)

Hahaha... couple's top
We just realized it when Peter told us.....haha

Nelson, Joyce, Vannes..... are happy with their food

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dance on the street

I can't remember when did i take this video.......
Anyway, just enjoy!!!

Happy & blessed birthday to Gill

Date: 23rd January 2009
Venue: Jill's house

Happy & blessed birthday to Gill......

Funniest thing that i have done

Date: 22nd January 2009

Venue: Outside of Vivian Road Pre-School

As usual, i waited for bus no 29 to go back home after pre-school at
this bus stop.

The bus supposed to come at 12.10pm but it was still not there
by 12.15pm. So, i went into the Dove Christian bookshop to browse
some books.

After 5 minutes, i came out from that shop and i saw the bus
was coming from far. So i quickly ran towards the bus stop and stood
there....... Then, the bus came nearer and nearer..... the bus did not
slow down and the driver drove passed me...... HUH???
I shouted at him but the bus has went far far away from me.........
The bus did not stop to pick me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHY THE BUS DID NOT STOP to pick me up?????
Do you want to know the reason???

It's just simply because i did not stood at the bus stop........
i stood at the lamp post............. wakakakakaakaka!!!!!!!!!!!
The lamp post is just beside the bus stop......

Bus no 29 is always late and hardly come to pick up passenger.
However, i thanked God that the next bus no 29 came after 15 minutes.
At least i did not have to wait for another 1 hour......

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rick Warren's prayer at Obama's inauguration

Date: 19th January 2009

I was working in the kids club and my manager on the TV yesterday as
she wanted to watch the 44th US president's inauguration.

I have heard from Gill during the bible study that Obama invited
Rick Warren to do the opening prayer in his inauguration. I was
so touched when i heard the prayer.... i nearly shed my tears when

i joined in and listened to the prayer....I did not know why...
I know God loves us so much.... Let us pray for the new president.

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers,
intercessions, [and] giving of thanks be made for all men
for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a
quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.
1 Timothy 2:1-2

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Happy & blessed 75th birthday to Jill.....

Date: 16th January 2009
Venue: Jill's house

Happy & blessed 75th birthday to Jill.....
May you enjoy the Lord's sweet presence everything....
May God continue to bless you with good health......

Thanks to Edith for her effort to make the delicious birthday
cake... really yum... yum....

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Farewell dinner for Qiao Liang (aka Leon)

Date: 11th January 2009
Venue: Han Cheng Chinese Restaurant

We were quite sad when we know that Qiao Liang is going back to
China for good on coming Thursday...... He supposed to be baptised
on last year but for some reason he missed the baptism.....
We pray that he will continue to go to church after he's gone
back to China and will grow in the church....


A bit off from this topic.... Ger Fong said my blog has a lot of post
on food... seems like we only eat eat and eat in UK.... haha....
what can we do???? of course must post the "hang fok" side in the blog
so that our parents & friends will not worry about us mah.... haha!!!!!

"water boiled" beef

"Guo bao" meat

"Yu Xiang" aubergine
Fried taofu

We will miss you, Qiao Liang.....
Miss the sweet & sour meat ball that you made for us....

I should give compliment to Qiao Liang as he's the passenger who
always admire and praise our car a lot. He named our car"二门跑车"

Before we left, i spotted this car... it's so cute!!!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Thanks for all your Christmas present

I would like to say thanks to those who has given us lovely
Christmas presents.....

TY the great....
Thanks for the strawberry umbrellas, strawberry mats, dried strawberry, strawberry's coffee

Ger Fong & CK....
thanks for the little shoes... but i'm afraid we still can't use that
shoes yet.....haha

Kai Tit...
Thanks for the slippers.... they are very useful.... we are wearing
at home.. they are so comfortable to be wore especially during
the winter time....

Chuan Feng....
Thanks for the couple mugs..... so lovely....

Kean Haaw....
Thanks for the bag.....i like it so much....

Joon Nee......
Thanks for the little note book....

Cheow Hoay...
Thanks for the little keychain

Thanks for the card... the words in the card encouraged me a lot.....
May God bless your ministry....

Chin Woon....
Thanks for the little gifts..... love it so much.....

Thanks for the box of chocolates

Thanks for the chocolates & cosmetic set

Thanks for the cosmetic set....

Thanks for the cards.........

Our neighbour......
Thanks for the Christmas card........

Wang Xi....
Thanks for the Christmas card

Thanks for the flight comfort kit... it was very useful......

Thanks to those i have not listed here for your warm
Christmas greetings.......

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lunch with Ezra & Edith

Date: 4th January 2009
Venue: Spice Buffet

After the sunday service, Ezra & Edith invited us for lunch. We were so
blessed to have them to give us a nice treat at Chillies Buffet. This is the
first time i tasted authentic cuisine from India (in Birmingham... hehe)

Ezra & Edith are a nice couple.... they always care for our spiritual needs.
We had a great time sharing about our new year resolutions and our serving
in year 2009. They have given us a lot of encouragements and guidance.
May God bless this family......

For more info, please visit

Chocolate fountain??

Dessert coerner

Indian's peanuts & sauces

Salab bar
Salad bar

Indian dessert - Rasmalai ( a sweet dish found in India)

From left: Ezra, Nelson, Kang, Joyce & Edith

The chef is making the Masala Dosa

My new year prayer....

We sang this song in the church on the first Sunday of 2009.
I was truly touched by the words in this songs....I need Jesus
in my life everyday... and my prayer is to be more like Jesus
everyday...... to care for others like have more passion
for the lost souls .........

Be thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart
Nought be all else to me, save that thy art
Thou my best thought in the day and the night
Waking or sleeping, thou presence my light

Be thou my wisdom, be thou my true word
I ever with thee and thou with me lord
Thou my great father and I thy true son
Thou in me dwelling and I with thee one

Be thou my breastplate, my sword for the fight
Be thou my armour and be thou my might
Thou my soul shelter, and thy my high tower
Raise thou me heavenwards, oh power of my power

Riches I need not, nor mans empty praise
Thou mine inheritance through all of my days
Thou and thou only though first in my heart
High king of heaven my treasure thou art

Oh high king of heaven, when battle is done
Grant heavens joy to me, bright heaven sun
Christ of my own heart, whatever befall
Still be my vision, though ruler of all

New Year 2009

It was so cold when we arrived at Birmingham airport on 31/12/08 at
12pm. It was even colder when we stepped out of the airport.
It was about o'c on that day.

We were very grateful to have Gideon & YongXin who
has offered to give us a lift. According to YongXin, it was still consider
warm before we came back.... temperature suddenly dropped on the day
we came back..... haha!!!! i thought we would bring the sunshine back
from Malaysia but..... terbalik pulak....

We had lunch at Nando's...... we had a great chat about things happened
in Malaysia.... then Gideon sent us to 2 the Close to take our car......
Nelson has to jump start his car as the car has been "deserted" about
2 weeks after Ming Ru went back to China.....haha!!!!

After we reached home... we were already half dead as we had been
in the journey for about 26 hours..... We opened our fridge and realized
we have nothing in the fridge as we cleared everything before we went back
to Malaysia..... Ok... went to Sainsbury to get something to eat......

Slept at about 7.30pm... tak boleh tahan.... and we only woke up
at 8am the next day.......for the next few days... we spent around
12 hours for sleeping.... to recover from jet lag.... haha.....

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Belgian Chocolate Biscuit

Before i went back to Malaysia, i went to see the parish hall
(the place where i work) owner and gave her a small small Christmas
present ..... she was so grateful and she asked me to wait for her while
she was looking for something in her office. Suddenly she came
out with a big big present............Ta da.... Belgian Chocolate Biscuit
yum!!! yum!!!!

Bye bye Malaysia

Date: 30/12/08
Venue: KLIA & Dubai International Airport

Saw this at KLIA..... amazing

Dubai International Airport...

Have a cup of coffee before we continue our journey back to UK.....
It's around 7.20am (Dubai local time)

In the plane.... bye bye Malaysia....

Strange car

We spotted this car in front of Penang Chinese Girls' High School....
The driver is a

My name 诗婷

Hehe... saw this cosmetic carried bag at my sister in law's house....
诗婷 is my chinese name......

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bye Christmas tree.....

Em....End of Christmas.... it's time for us to pack away the Christmas
tree...... My parents & sister always put a lot of effort in decorating
and pack away the tree. This year we have extra helper.... Nelson Ho....

Boxing day - P&W gathering

Please visit TY's blog for photos.........

Christmas celebration at AIM

More photos, please visit TY's blog

Penang half day trip

Venue: Penang Islands

Special thanks to Mr.Lim Kheng Wooi who has offer to bring
2 Penangnites and 1 Sabah kia for Penang half day trip with
his brand new Persona......

More photos, please visit TY The Great's blog

Our first stop, Chew Jetty.... TY felt so excited as she never been
to this place before.... haha...

After spending about an hour at Chew Jetty, we went for lunch.
Tit & Hong joined us for lunch at "7 tiao luo". The food are
really nice. We had Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow, and
"Pek Mo char ho fun"........

"Pek Mo char ho fun"........
After the lunch, we went to new gurney drive.......

After that we went to Penang beach (behind the Crown Prince's hotel)

Teluk Kumbar dam

Venue: Teluk Kumbar dam

Em... another new place for me....seems like i am not really a 100% penangite
as i have not visited many places in Penang.