Monday, 28 July 2008

Trip at city centre

Date: 26th July 2008
Venue: City Centre

Nelson & ice cream

Free hair cut

Date: 24th July 2008
Venue: Susan's house

I were very blessed to have free hair cut at my Korean's friend house.
She learnt hair cut for 3 months before she came to UK. I think she
has done a great job. I got my hair cut at Yedam for £15. It was so
expensive. Thanks to Susan.

Getting fatter & fatter.....

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gifts from Vivian Road Pre-School

Oooh... i'm very happy to receive gifts from teachers & parents of
Vivian Road Pre-School

Britney Spears Perfume (from Terry, my colleague)

Bag (from Maryam's mom, Pre-school)

Chocolate (from Yousuf's mom, Pre-school)

Flower (from Andrea, my manager)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Sing For All

Date: 20th July 2008
Venue: Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Before the Sunday service, Lingsi's mom approached us and invite
us to a musical concert which will be held at Symphony Hall. According
to her, Lingsi will be performed in that concert. We were blessed to have
free admission to that concert. hehehe..... Thanks Lingsi!!!!!!!!!

Sing for All is a collaborative project between Town Hall & Symphony
Hall, CBSO Choral Department & Birmingham Music Service.

Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Farewell for Jill

Date: 18th July 2008
Venue: Jill's house

After 14 years of welcoming international wives to her house
for fellowship and bible study, Jill has decided to call it a day......

I shed tears during the farewell. I sure will miss this fellowship
so much. I still remember Edith brought me to this fellowship
when i visited UK at 2006.

Through this fellowship, i know Jill, who is a very caring old lady.
She always pray for us. I still remember Jill volunteered to help
me in settling my registration with General Practice (GP) and she
prayed for me when i could not be enrolled to Bounville College
for ChildCare NVQ course. She's very patience and willing to help us
to improve our English. I will miss her a lot.......


Gill, Lorna & Jill

Rhoda, she has been in wives fellowship for 13 1/2 years

Back, from left: Edith (Malaysia), Sunny, Jill, Suk Mi,
Susan, Grace, Ha Suk & DJ (Korea)
Front, from left: Xia Chen (China), Jin (Korea) & Joyce

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

42th International Wives Lunch

Date: 18th July 2008
Venue: Jill's house

Again...... International Wives Lunch.......the 42th International
Wives Lunch at Jill's house in 14 years.
Each of us has brought dishes of our own country to share among
the wives.

Pork, Lettuce, Crispy rice (Malaysia)

Korean style Omelette (Korea)

Spicy chicken wing (from Joyce.... i have no time to cook,
so i got these chicken wing from Sainsbury..... hehehe)

Fried evegetables with pork (China)

Fried Transparent Noodle (China)

Bulgoki (Korea)

Fried chicken with hot sauce (Korea)

Jap Chae (Korea)

Salad (UK)

Dumpling (China)

Pasta with pork & tomato (China)

Sushi (Japan)

Dulce De Leche Flan (Argentina)

Scottish Dancing

Date: 15th July 2008
Venue: Jill's house

Jackie is here again to teach us Scottish Dance. There are a lot of
steps to be remembered before you can start the dance. I've made
a lot of silly mistakes and i bang at my partner...... haha.....

Gift from Molly

We received a small thank you card from a child (Molly) and we were
very touched when we looked at that card. Molly actually drew the
picture of all teachers. She did it in great detail.

According to Molly, the one with black straight hair, red glasses and
red shoe (recently i've bought a pair of red shoes and i wear it to
school everyday) is me..............She has good observation.

International Week

Date: 14 - 16th July 2008

Venue: Vivian Road Pre-School

I was very busy on these 3 days for the International Week event.
14th July: Table top sales
Teachers & parents contributed food or unwanted stuff for table
top sales. I contributed scones & corn in cup but they were not
in favour..... haha!!!!!!!

International Week Massive Poster designed by Joyce
with help of Vivian Road Pre-School's children

15th July: Children's party
Children came with fancy dress.
16th July: Graduation & Concert
18 children graduated from Vivian Road Pre-School this year.