Friday, 25 September 2009

CKT at Lorong Selamat

Date: 7th August 2009
Venue: Lorong Selamat, Penang

Thanks to my dear mom who brought us to taste the famous Char Kuey Teow
at Lorong Selamat....Em... i also do not know why the CKT is so so so famous...
maybe it's just because the lady who fries the CKT is with goggles and she
has been on the TV.....However, i want to say that the CKT is delicious lah....

Look at the big big prawn....

Dinner at Sakae Sushi

Date: 7th August 2009
Venue: Sakae Sushi, Queensbay (2F-49 Central)

Dinner with family at Sakae Sushi....

Jalan-jalan in Penang City

Date: 6th August 2009
Venue: Penang City

Brought a Sabahan husband jalan-jalan in Penang City... Actually
the Penang wife is also not quite sure about the jalan-jalan in Penang......
So, chin cai walk here and there lah....

Wow... must introduce this place.... Do you watch Little Nyonya
小娘惹??? Haiyo..... My whole family also like to watch......
Sometimes, when my husband and I missed the 7pm, we will wait until
12am to watch the 重播..... like TY the great always says: die die must
do something......

Some of the scenes in 小娘惹 were taken in this building.....
Haiyo... I'm proud to be Penang cha bo......

The building behind me is actually the Pinang Peranakan Mansion,
located at
29, Church Street, 10200 Penang......
For more info about this building , please visit:

After that, i brought Nelson to makan the famous ice kacang
& cendol at Penang Road......haiyo... we kena tipu here....
There are 2 ice kacang & cendol stalls.... don't know
what are the reasons behind, one stall is always packed
with people.... the boss also works non-stop..... but the
other stall only have few people.

We went into the coffee shop behind the ice kacang stall
and the coffee shop's boss came to take order
for drinks. He asked us whether we wanted ice kacang or
cendol and he could help to order for us.... Of course to make
things easier, we asked his favour to order for us...... mana tau....
after we ate half way through, only we realized that the boss
ordered the ice kacang for us from the stall with less people because
we noticed the our bowl was different from those ordered
from other stall..... haiya... later only we realised that if you want
to eat the famous ice kacang or cendol, you have to order yourself.....
haiya..... but also nvm lah..... anyhow, thank God that we have
ice kacang and cendol to eat.....

Nelson is happy with the Char Kuey Teow....
and of course Ice Kacang & Cendol

After the lunch, we went to buy some famous biscuit (located quite
near to Campbell Street) ... I like the coconut biscuit that they made,
it is so soft and taste nice.... they used to make egg tart, but now they stop

More info about Campbell Street,

Hair Cut.....

Date: 5th August 2009
Venue: Li Fen's Saloon

Had my hair lovely long hair.....
Nelson was so sad when i decided to have my hair cut...
he said he wanted to collect those hair and keep as memory....

Round Penang City with Ger Wei & Wan Huei

Date: 3rd August 2009
Venue: Penang City

Thanks to Pastor Liew & Wan Huei who accompanied us to round
Penang city. They brought us to Little India.....It was so so so hot....

And at first we wanted to try the beef noodle (the store is just located
2 streets away from Little India) but we were too full at that time.....
I heard that the beef noddle is quite famous in Penang.,%20penang.html

After that, they brought us to Sun Yat Sen's Penang Base
(located at
120 Lebuh Armenian).
I do not know that there is such place
after i stay for about 27 years in Penang... wow....

According to the jaga, not many people know about this place
especially the young generation.... So, he encouraged us to
promote and invite more people to visit this place. So, kawan-kawan,
mari-mari kita bersama-sama pi lawat tempat tu lah..... sure will
you will gain knowleadge from there......

For more info, please visit:

Some of the scenes in the movie <<夜.明>s> were taken in
<<夜.明>> is a story about revolutionary & love story
of Dr.Sun Yat Sen.....

Come Home to Penang.... em.... i miss Penang....

The jaga told Nelson lot's of stories....


GW said: this picture looks like 2 masters sitting on the chair
while 2 servants standing beside them.... haha

Wow.... look at the switch..... old until...........

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Kok P'ng & Suan Phing's Wedding - Part 2

Date: 1st August 2009
Venue: Air Itam Methodist Church

Oh... i thought i did not take many photos on this occasion, actually
i did. I just retrieved it from my camera..... silly me.....

All the sisters.....

with Joon Nee

Ger Fong & my mom

Em... Joyce & the bride are not quite ready.......hehe....

Bride, bridegroom and family

TY, Joyce, Suan Phing, Kok P'ng & Nelson

Bestman (Kai Tit) and bride's maid (Ella)



Date: 1st August 2009
Venue: Aiyo... forgot the name of the hotel.... hehe

Photo with Chee Wei, Pei Jin & daughter

We presented a song - 伊甸园的誓言

From left: Chui Mien & bf, Joyce, TY the great, Ella, Lala & KT

From left: Lian, Ella, KT, Joyce, Lala, TY the great & CK at the back

My mom & dad..... permaisuri.....

Song presentation by the chef.... but later only we discovered
that he is the singer from the hotel's pub.... pretended to
be the chef.....

Ah Lian with her performance......