Sunday, 7 March 2010

Breakfast at Jalan Pasar

Date: 18th February 2010
Venue: Jalan Pasar, Penang

Saw the Ah Xian's TV programme about food in KK. He recommended
the Ah Pom. I listened to the interviews and found out that most
of them people spoke Hokkien. So, i doubt that place is in Penang.
I quickly called my mom and she was also watching the programme.
She said must bring us there when we were back to Penang during CNY.

So, with the die die must go & die die must eat spirit (Created by TY)....
we went there and we needed to wait for 1 hour before we could taste
the freshly made Ah Pom. It is really tasty.... like what was recommended
in the programme.......

Thursday, 4 March 2010

AIM Joy Kids CNY celebration & Valentines 2010

Date: 21st February 2010
Venue: AIM

Penang Peranakan Mansion

Date:17th February 2010

Please visit website for more info about Penang Peranakan

Please visit TY's blog for more info:

Meet with Su Lin

Date: 19th February 2010
Venue: my house

Su best friend since Form 1..... and coincidently she has
same birth date (same year) as my husband..... haha......
It was nice to meet up with her for chit chat.... she told us a lot
of her experiences staying and working in Korea......

May God grant her lot's of wisdom and strength to face every
challenges while working in Korea.........

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Date: 17th February 2010
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel

We had dinner at Northam Beach Cafe, then we went to take photos
at Hard Rock Hotel. It just opened last year and it is nicely decorated.

Dim Sum Breakfast

Date: 17th February 2010
Venue: Maxim Dim Sum

Maxim Dim Sum is always crowded with people.

Langkawi Family Trip 2010 - Day 3

Date: 16th February 2010
Venue: Langkawi

Again.. breakfast in the hotel.........At first we planned to go to ride
the cable car, but due to strong wind at the top station, they have to
cancel the ride. We waited for 1 hour but the station was still closed.
So, we decided to go somewhere else.

Please visit the website for more info on Langkawi Cable Car

We came to a place named Telaga Tujuh (the 7 Wells). At first
5 of us walked up the stairs leading to Telaga Tujuh. However,
my parents and TY gave up at 1/3 of the journey. Only Nelson
and myself managed to climb about 500 something stairs
and finally reached the destination. It was tiring !!!!!

After that we visited Perdana Gallery. It's a gallery where all the
gifts for our former Prime Minister are exhibited. If you go to
Langkawi, do remember to visit this gallery. I am sure you
won't regret as you can see a lot of precious gifts from other

End of day 2........................