Sunday, 23 December 2007

AIM Carolling Team

Date: 21st Dec 2007
Venue: my house (Penang)

AIM carol team came to my house to sing carols. They were divided into
2 teams where team A was led by Chin Wen while team B was led by Ger Wei
(to Balik Pulau). Cheah Khing & Tommy were the guitarist of team A.
Team A carolers:
Chin Wen, Yen Ling, Ee Ai, Cheri, Joon Nee, Chee Chai, Cheah Khing, Ger Fong,
Tommy, Chia Choon, Chuan Feng, Pastor Loh, Mrs.Loh, Zhi Jing & TY.

They came to my house at around 9pm and i was actually listened to the carols
through Skype. I was very glad to meet some of the AIM folks and we had very
pleasant chat.

I was very happy to meet my primary school teacher (Mdm.Phuah) and some of
my primary school friends. Mdm.Phuah said that i have gained weight.....
Oooh.. Ooh... so sad..... hahaha!!!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My neighbourhood

Gifts from my mum

Some gifts from my dear mum

Gadgets given by my mum

My mum gave me some gadgets to be used in UK

gadget to squeeze toothpaste

Gadget to separate egg yolk from whites

Gadget to remove tiny particle

Gadget to peel orange

Vege / potato peeler (with flowery design)

BCEC Carolling

Date: 19th Nov 2007
Venue: new believer's house

Carolers from BCEC went from house to house to sing carols. We were divided
into 2 teams and each team were to visit 4 houses. We started carols with
"We wish you a merry Christmas" outside of the house. It was freezing and most
of us were shivering while singing. haha!!!

Then, we sang another 3 songs in the house which were "What Child is this?",
"Silent Night" and "Joy to the world". The new believers were overwhelmed by our
willingness to visit them and bring them "good news" at such a cold night.

House 1: Li Jun & friends' house
36 Bantock Way
Harborne B29

Team B's guitarist, Nelson

House 2: Xiao Ning & friends' hostel
Oakley Court
Pritchatts Road
Edgbaston B15 2 QW

House 3: Jian Ning's house
1B The Close
Bristol Road
Selly Oak B29 6LN

House 4: Steven's house
Flat Above, 412, Stratford Road,
Sparkhill B11 4AD

Xiao Xia (China)

Thanks to Chang Hong's mum who had prepared
hot porridge for us...... yum yum !!!!

Yuan Yuan (China)

Chang Hong's mum

The brothers:
From left: Alex (Taiwan), Sun Ping (China),
Nelson & Steven (Malaysia), Zhang Lei, Jia Le & Pei Xin (China)

The sisters:
From left: Wendy (Taiwan), Yuan Yuan, Chang Hong, Kelly (China),
Joyce (Malaysia) & Xiao Xia (China)

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

30th day in Bimingham

Date: 19th Dec 2007

Today is my 30th day in Birmigham.... i'm going to experience the
1st winter in UK very soon........ errrrr..........

Friends from International Wives Fellowship

Wives from different countries gathered at Jill's house.....

left: Tomoko (Japan) & right: Jackie (UK)

Patty (UK)

Ann (UK)

Lorna (UK)

Ha-Suk (Korea)

Jin (Korea)

Wendy & Rachel (Taiwan)

Krista (Lebanon)

left: mel (UK) & right: Caroline (UK)

Luciana (Brazil)

Hazel (China)

Gill (UK)

Dear Jill (UK)

International Wives Lunch at Jill's house

Date: 18th Dec 2007
Venue: Jill's house

Today is our last wives fellowship for year 2007. All wives are requested to bring
food of their country for lunch. All of us are overwelmed by the delicious food
prepared by the international wives.

After the meal, Jill presented flowers to 3 ladies who had helped in child care
during the wives fellowship. They are Jackie (UK), Wendy (Taiwan) and Gill (UK).

Duk Bok Cii (rice cake + fish cake with red pepper)
Korean food - prepared by Jin

Jap Chae (Fried Korean glass noodle)
- prepared by Jin (korea)
note: recipe is attached at below

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)
- prepared by Tomoko (Japan)
Note: recipe is attached at below

Fried noodle with bacon & vegetables
- prepared by Hazel (China)

Stir fried mixed vegetables
- prepared by ME!!!!!!! (Malaysia)

Sushi (with crab stick)
- prepared by Ha-Suk (Korea)

Curau or Canjica, Canjiquinha (Brazilian Fresh Corn Pudding)
- prepared by Luciana (Brazil)
Note: recipe is attached at below

Fried pork mince with lettuce
- prepared by Edith (Malaysia)

Jackie (UK) with the flower

Gill (UK) with the flower

Wendy (Taiwan) with her flower

Jill made announcement about the open house on boxing day

Wendy's daughter, Rachel

Recipe 1: Recipe for Jap Chae
1) 3 ounces of Korean vermicelli
2) spinach about half a pound
3) 2 large carrots sliced thinly in 3 inch strips
4) bunch of green onions chopped (about 1 1/2 cups)
5) 1/4 cup of
tree ears or wood ears
6) 1 green pepper (optional) sliced into 3 inch strips
7) vegetable oil
8) 2 tsp. of sugar
9) 1Tbsp. of soy sauce
10)1 tsp. of dark sesame oil

1) If using tree ears, soak for 1/2 hour. Drain and rinse well.
2) Boil about 4 cups of water, add vermicelli and cook for about 3 minutes.
3) Cook enough to soften the noodles but not overcook. They need to keep a

little texture and stiffness. Drain and set aside.
4) Heat up oil and stir fry steak for just a minute.
5) Then add all the veggies, except the mushrooms and cook for for about

3 minutes or until veggies are slightly soft, but not cooked all the way.
6) After doing this, add the soy, sugar, and sesame oil and mushrooms,

mixing all together.
7) Lastly add noodles and serve.

Recipe2 : Recipe for Curau or Canjica, Canjiquinha
(Brazilian Fresh Corn Pudding)
1) 10 medium size ears, cleaned and washed
2) 2 quarts of milk1 1/2 cups of sugar1
3) pinch of salt1 cup of coconut milk
4) 2 tbsp of margarine
5) cinnamon to taste

1) Grate the corn ears inside a large glass bowl, using a cheese grater.
Make sure you get as much as you can out of each ear and put them aside.
2) Mix the milk with the grated corn.
3) Dip each ear into the milk and use a paring knife to squeeze out as much
of the corn starch as you can from them. Use a strainer or a cheese cloth to
separate the liquid from the grated corn.
4) In a large, heavy saucepan add the sugar to the liquid and start cooking over
medium heat, stirring constantly until it starts to thicken.
5) Add the coconut milk.
6) Continue to cook, stirring, and test the cream by
dropping a 1/2 teaspoonful onto a plate. When it cools it should have the
consistency of Jello, firm but not solid.

Recipe 3: Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)
Okonomiyaki is a mixture between pancake and pizza.
"Okonomi" means "as you like". This refers to the ingredients.

i) for Dough:
300 g flour
210 ml water
2 eggs

ii) Possible ingredients to put into/onto Okonomiyaki
Katsuobushi: Dried, shaved benito (katsuo)

Aonori: Green, dried seaweed.
Leek or green onion
Beef: thinly sliced or ground
Pork: thinly sliced or ground
Chicken: breast filets
and much more...

iii) Sauces
Brown okonomiyaki sauce

1) Cut four large, green cabbage leaves without the hard, white core in thin
strings (ca. 4 mm).
2) Mix the water, flour, eggs and the cabbage strings together.
3) You may now add more ingredients to the dough: e.g. seafood, cut in little

pieces, ground meat, cut mushrooms, etc.
4) Fry the dough like a pancake in a small frying pan.
5) Before turning the okonomiyaki over, and while the dough is still quite soft,
you may put other ingredients on top of the dough.
6) Turn the okonomiyaki.
7) When fried well, serve the okonomiyaki with katsuobushi, aonori, mayonnaise and
okonomiyaki sauce.

Hope you can try some of these recipes at home..... many thanks to Tomoko, Jin & Luciana