Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dinner with Amy & Ting Ting

Date: 26th November 2008
Venue: Amy & Ting Ting's house

We were blessed to be invited to Amy & Ting Ting's house for dinner
before we fly back to Malaysia. Amy prepared a lot of delicious
food for if a farewell dinner for us.... hahaha
She has prepared
Fried egg,
stir fried meat with special sauce,
taufoo with vege,
stew beef with carrot,
Vege soup,
Chicken feet.
Thanks Amy & Ting Ting

Joyce, Amy (China) & Ting Ting (Malaysia)

Fried egg, stir fried meat, taufoo with vege

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dinner with Kong & Cai's families

Date: 22nd November 2008
Venue: our home

We were very blessed to have Kong & Cai's families at our house for
dinner. They are our church's leaders. Thanks to Ngiik Yan who has
helped us in preparing the dinner. We had 10 people in our house
on that night. 80% of the noise came from their daughters, Lingsi &
Anna. They are forever energetic and talkative.... haha

half demolished building

Date: 22nd November 2008
Venue: On Bristol Road

While we were on Bristol Road, suddenly we spotted a half demolished
building. It was very interesting.

Dinner with Ngiik Yan

Date: 20th November 2008
Venue: 2 for 1

We were glad to have Yan back to Birmingham. We went for dinner at
2 for 1. The desserts are forever tempting and tasty.

Sponge cake with hot custard

Chocolate fudge cake with cream

Mixed grill

Fried chicken

Monday, 17 November 2008

Dinner at Khang's house

Date: 15th November 2008
Venue: Wee Khang's house

It was great to have gathering with Malaysian. Nelson cooked his
"master piece" - sweet & sour chicken..... haha

From left: Nelson, Khang (Penang), Wen Liang (Tawau),
Kris (KL)

Roasted Pork

Sweet & sour chicken

Christmas present??? Christmas past????

Date: 14th November 2008
Venue: Bristol Road

I saw a very interesting qoute at the roadside.
Christmas Past = UK road map
Christmas Present = Satelite Navigation

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Dinner at Shaw's house

Date: 8th November 2008
Venue: Shaw & Yang's house

Nelson's colleague, Shaw invited us to his house for dinner.
We had steamboat and after the dinner we played Wii......

Shaw & Yang

Playing Wii

Taller than Nelson

I've discovered a person who is taller than Nelson..
Li NaiXu

Monday, 10 November 2008

Friday Child Care in Selly Oak Methodist church

Date: 7th November 2008
Venue: Selly Oak Methodist Church

BCEC was very blessed to have invited Rev.Cui Si Kai to share on the topic
"人生透视". Praise the Lord !!!! 21 people accepted Christ on that night.
Nelson & I were taking care of 18 children in a small room...... haha...
We set up a few corner with different activities for the children.

New children - Sophie

Nelson's favourite child - Amy

Balloon making corner

Writing & drawing corner

Puzzle corner

Bible story corner

Jia Jia


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Dinner with Tim & Clare

Date: 4th November 2008
Venue: our home

Tim and Clare is a nice couple. We have been to their house for
marriage course. So, we invited them to our house for dinner.
Seems like they enjoyed the Chinese food a lot.

Clare, Joyce & Nelson

Tim, Clare & Joyce

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dinner at EJ's house

Date: 2nd November 2008
Venue: EJ's new house

We were very blessed to be invited to EJ's new house for dinner
after Sunday Service. He grilled the pork shoulder.....
super delicious...

Grilled pork shoulder

Can't wait to eat

From left: Liu Dan (Korean), EJ (China)

listen to the sizzling sound..... wow...


Date: 31st October 2008
Venue: BCEC

We had Children & Youth Evangelistic Night in BCEC. This is the first
time we organized such children event in Chinese Church. Praise
the Lord for His guidance. Thanks to all co-workers who has worked
so hard for this event. The theme for the night is "让爱天天住你家".
Through this event, we shared God's love with those who never heard
about good news before. God is love!!!


Wow... thanks to sis Kelly & sis LiPing for the idea

Welcoming by sister Xiao Xia

Praise & Worship by bro Zhang Lei & sis Wang Xi

Praise & Worship team (Kevin - bass, Nai Xu - lead
Liu Fang - drum)

Children song presentation
1) 让爱天天住你家
2) 云上太阳

Story of Prodigal Son - taken from Luke 15

Our professional videoman - Alex Li

Story telling by Joyce - 爱你本来的样子

Message by Joyce

Last song presented by all children & Children co-workers