Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My 27th birthday's presents

Date: 13th June 2009

Birthday card from Lee's family (chosen by TY the great)

Birthday card from Jill & wives

Birthday card from Tracey ( my deputy manager)

Birthday card & present from Cathy (my colleague)

Birthday card from Rita (my colleague)

Birthday card & present from Roger

Birthday card & present from Ezra & cell group members

Birthday card from Sheila (my colleague)

Birthday present from Wee Khang
(who has same birth date as me)

Birthday present from Evelyn (cell group member)

Birthday card from 9 people (Shane, Gideon & Yongxin,
Li Jun & Xilin, Ej & Mingru)

Birthday card & present from Dee, Kamren & Kelly
(my colleague)

Birthday card from Andrea (my manager)

My birthday dinner & our farewell dinner at 2 the Close

Date: 13th June 2009
Venue: 2 the Close

Special thanks to Shane for organized this birthday dinner & farewell
dinner secretly.

I thought Shane only invited Nelson and myself for dinner.....
but....at the end we had 9 people having dinner together...
Thanks to all of them for their kindness for preparing the dinner.
And also for their big big birthday card and fruity birthday cake....

Kelly did this dish for my birthday.....
my birthday present actually

Shane & Joyce

Group photo
From left (ladies) : Mingru, Joyce, Xilin, Shane, Yongxin
From left (guys): Li Jun, EJ, Gideon

lovely couples 1
Blue (EJ & Mingru) vs Red (Nelson & Joyce)

lovely couples 2
Gideon & Yongxin are going to get married in 25/7/09

lovely couples 3
Li Jun & Xilin

with Shane again

With all the ladies

with all the guys

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Life Celll Group's Away day

Date: 13th June 2009
Venue: Birmingham Christian College

We had our life cell group's away day at Birmingham Christian College.
The purpose of the away day was for us to have a time to look at 7 steps
to Freedom in Christ.....The course really helped me a lot in many ways....
I know that my dearest Pastor Ger Wei has been using this course and is now
using this course for the youth...

From left: Maverick, Ezra (our cell group leader), Abigail,
Natalie (back), Roger, Wee Khang, Joyce & Nelson
All Malaysians.....

Wee Khang and Joyce's birthday falls on same day....

Evelyn sang us birthday song in Korean language....

A little bit about Wee Khang:
1) birthday: 13th June (has same birth date as Joyce)
2) Born in Penang and stayed at Jalan Mata Kuching, Air Itam
3) Studied before to Air Itam Methodist Kindergarten....
he said he knows teacher Pek.... who's she????
someone know her????

My birthday celebration with dear husband

Date: 12th June 2009
Venue: our home

Haha.... although it's 12th June in UK.... it was already 13th June
in Malaysia.... Happy birthday to Joyce.... haha....
Thanks to my dear husband who has "ta pao" roasted duck
to celebrate my birthday.... hehe.....

Birthday Celebration at Jill's house

Date: 12th June 2009
Venue: Jill's house

It was quite a rush for me on that day as i need to go back to work
earlier than usual.... However, thanks to all the wives who
has sang me a birthday song just before i left to work.....

I bought some fruits for everyone....
Thanks to Jill who has helped to arrange the fruits
in the fruit bowl.....

Birthday celebration at Vivian Road Pre-School

Date: 12th June 2009
Venue: Vivian Road Pre-School

Thanks to all the staffs and children in Vivian Road Pre-School who
has celebrated my birthday with a small cake.... The children
sang the birthday song for me... it was really touching....