Sunday, 27 December 2009

AIM Carolling 2009 - Night 2

Date: 23rd December 2009

We continue to bring the good news to our families and friends.
Our first destination was at Balik Pulau. The bus took the longer
route to Balik Pulau. As a result, we were 1 hour late. So, it was
quite rush for us on that night. However, it did not stop us
from bringing good news to people.

Our 1st destination - Oh no... i could not remember the name
of the house owner. I was too hungry at that time, so i quicly
grabbed a pao and a kuih to eat. I did not have time to even
take a picture.

Our 2nd destination - Thomas Wang's house

Some of us were exhasted already, but we still need to go on.....

Our 3rd destination - Back to OXO Cafe

Our 4th destination - Hock Chai's house
We were quick hungry by this time as we did not have proper dinner
since 6pm. So, after we sang the songs, we quickly grabbed some food
to eat then continue our journey.

Our 5th destination - Chun's family house

Our 6th destination - Ah Boy's house
It was already nearly 11.40pm at that time.

Our 7th destination - Sophia's house
It was already almost 12am at that time.....

Although it's already midnight, we still wanted to bring the good
news to people with joyful heart. Joy to the world, the Lord has

Our last destination - May Jiuan's house

look at this little girl, she's only 3 years old.... she
was still very joyful and energetic although it's
already 12am something......

Joyce & Ticu

From left: TY, Joyce, Ella, Ah Lian & Lay Khim

End of 2 nights of carolling..... It was quite exhauted to sing carols
from house to house. However, we have to learn from the shepherds.
They heard the good news and they went on to tell other people about
it. Have you found the true meaning of Christmas this year?

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

AIM Carolling 2009 - Night 1

Date: 22nd December 2009

It's again Christmas time. Again.... We carry the mission to bring
the good news to families and friends.....Christmas is not about
Santa Claus, not about holidays or presents. It's all about love
of Jesus. He came to us to save us so that we can be free in Him..
May you find the true meaning of Christmas this year. May your
life be filled with God's love and may you have peace, love and joy
in you and your family. If you do not know Jesus, why not take
this opportunity to know more about Him. I'm sure your life
will be different if you give your heart to Him......

We gathered at church at about 6.30pm. After blessing prayer from
Pastor Loh, we started our journey.

Joyce & Little Santa (Talkative Santa)

TY & 2 Santas

From left: Joon Nee, Joyce, Zi Rong & Tommy

We went to carolling by school bus. Thanks to uncle who drove us
around Penang to bring good news to families and friends.

Our first destination - Mr.Charles Lee's home.
As we were already late for half an hour, so we did not stay long at
their house. We quickly cabut after we sang the christmas songs.

Our 2nd destination - Kam Hong & Han Yin's house
Again... time is so precious.... we also quickly cabut after we sang
the Christmas. Some of us even walked down about 10 floors
just to save the time of waiting for lift.

Our 3rd destination - Mr. & Mrs. Chew's house.
We stayed for a while for drinks and some finger food. The guys
were super hungry already. We heard that there were lots of
food at Joo Wei's house, so we all tahan and with hope that
we could feast at her house later.

From left: Sophia, Janice, Ticu & Joyce

Our 4th destination - Joo Wei's house.
She invited a lot of friends and relatives to her house. Her house was
packed with people. We also celebrated Joo Wei's birthday.

Joyce & Ella

From left: Joon Nee, Cindy, Kean Haaw & Joyce

Our 5th destination - Shirley's house

Our 6th destination - XO Cafe
We were being invited to sing in XO Cafe (near Queensbay Mall).
It's a nice place for yam cha with friends.

Our 7th destination - Joyce & TY's house
Chin Wen, mom & Abigail were at my house. They have been waited
for us since 9pm. Actually there was one more house to go, but we
called it a day as it was getting late and we also need to help to
clean up the house.

Blessed Christmas to everyone !!!!

AIM Joy Kids Birthday Celebration

Date: 20th December 2009
Venue: AIM

AIM Joy Kids Birthday Celebration........Thanks to sister Joon Nee
who put a lot of effort in making the birthday crown although
she's super busy at this moment. Thanks also to sister Phaik
Cheng for her idea for games and all the teachers who have
helped in preparing the food.

Birthday Games

Lovely cupcake done by Su Lan anty.... forever yummy!!!!

Birthday girls and boys....

Our dear friend, Ah Lian

Date: 20th December 2009
Venue: AIM

Photos with Ah Lian... my mom's best friend.......

TY, Mom & TT.......

Monday, 21 December 2009

Performances in Queensbay Mall

Date: 20th December 2009
Venue: Queenbay Mall, Penang

Batman show

Model Search 2009 (Final)

The Heroes....

Date: 20th December 2009
Venue: Queensbay Mall, Penang

Display of the Heroes at Queensbay Mall...

Em... tried to be like the Hawk Girl....
But..... em.....