Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Date: 29th September 2008

Today is our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Thank you God for His guidance
throughout this year. We learnt how to love and care for each other
more and more with God's love each day.

Wedding Anniversary card from Lee's family

Flower from my dear husband

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Date: 28th September 2008
Venue: Old House at Home restaurant

We had lunch at our favourite western food restaurant to celebrate
our 1st Wedding Anniversary which will fall on the 29th of September.
The food were very nice but the Swordfish steak was a bit salty.

Swordfish steak

Roasted beef with vege & peas

Sponge cake with hot custard... yum.. yumm!!!!!!!

Enlarge 08

Date: 27th September 2008
Venue: Letchworth Garden City Church

Enlarge 08 was a dyanmic conference designed to inspire, resource
and equip children and youth workers. The weekend consisted of:
i) Celebrations where both youth and childrens workers will combine
for passionate worship, inspirational speakers and powerful ministry
ii) Seminar Streams where a choice of specialist children and youth
subjects will be on offer
iii) Key Note Speakers Lunch where a good meal will be followed by
a key address
iv) Network Time where you can meet and connect with other
like-minded people

For more info about Serious4God, please visit

Keynote session by Mark Pugh
National Director of Serious4God.

Summer officially ended

Date: 21st September 2008

Summer officially ended today.

Dinner with Yeh Ren

Date: 21st September 2008
Venue: Chung Ying Garden Chinese Restaurant

Our dear sister Yeh Ren has decided to go back to Taiwan.
So, before she leaves, we gather to have a farewell dinner with
her. Although i'm not really close to her, i feel a little bit sad
when she's going to leave Birmingham. God bless you, Yeh Ren!

"Bi Feng Gang" Crab

Beef in clay pot

Seafood Taufoo.... super nice

Qiao Liang (China), Nelson, Joyce & Yeh Ren (Taiwan)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dinner at Qiao Liang's house

Date: 20th September 2008
Venue: Qiao Liang's house

To express his gratitude to us in helping him moving house, he invited us
to his house for dinner. He's really a good cook. I tell you, if you know
Qiao Ling (aka Leon), you need to try his sugar & vinegar fried meat ball.
It's super delicious......

Chicken in soya sauce

Stir fried vege

Sugar & vinegar fried meat ball

Celebrate our 1st Wedding Thanksgiving

Date: 20 Sept 2008
Venue: Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant

We went to Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant for lunch to Celebrate our 1st
Wedding Thanksgiving which falls on 21st Sept.

Dou Miao with garlic

Curry fish

Fried Pork in vinegar sauce

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Rain shoes

It was keep on raining, my shoes were all soak wet. I cannot tahan
already. So, i have decided to get myself a pair of rain shoes. I went
to the shop and looked around and i could not fit into any of the
adult rain shoes. Finally, i got myself a pair of kid's rain shoes and
it only cost me 4.99 pounds..... hehe....... it is nice to be tiny.....

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dinner with Sylvester

Date: 8th September 2008
Venue: BBQ Village Chinese Restaurant

Sylvester comes from the same homechurch as Nelson. We are happy
for him that he will be back to Malaysia after 3 months of studies in
Liverpool. All the best to you........

Must try..... Salt & pepper fish..i love it from the
1st bite

1st day of new school year

Date: 8th September 2008
Venue: Vivian Road Pre-school

Finally, after 6 weeks of holiday, it's time for me to go back to work.
Most of the children in Pre-school has gone to reception in primary
school. A new batch of little ones join us this year. Most of them are
only 2 1/2 years old or only 3 years old... They are super cute.....

Child dedication

Date: 7th September 2008
Venue: BCEC

9 parents has decided to dedicate their child to the Lord and has commited
to bring up their children in godly way.
Train a child in a way he should go, nad when he is old he will not turn from it
(Proverbs 22:6)

Yuan Chen, Sharon & Joyce

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Love shape strawberry

Thanks to Sylvester for your kindness in getting us the strawberries
from Mark & Spencer.... yum!! yum!!!

When i ate the strawberries, i thought of Ngiik Yan....
How are you now, Yan???

Peter & Nora's Reception

Date: 6th September 2008
Venue: Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham

Nelson, Joyce, MaryLu, Thomas (Philippines),
Hsin Yuan & Gradma (Taiwan)

Peter & Nora's Holy Matrimony

Date: 6th September 2008
Venue: Elim Church

Congratulations to Peter & Nora.
May God's truth be the foundation of your marriage, His peace be
your assurance un every decision, and His love be the signature
of all you do.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa
(Nelson, Peter's parents Rev Song & Mrs.Song, Joyce)

Peter Song, Nora & family

Shane & I helped in tea serving

Mr. & Mrs Ho, Mr & Mrs Song

Peter, Nora, bestman & the bride's maids

Mr & Mrs Ho

Breakfast with Sylvester

Date: 6th September 2008
Venue: our home

Welcome... welcome......
It's nice to have Malaysian staying at our home...... feel very Malaysian.
Previously, we had Su & Esther, Wee Kang, and then we have Ngiik Yan and
now we have Sylvester staying with us over the weekend.

Happy birthday to you... TY

Date: 5th September 2008

Happy birthday to my dearest sister, TY The GREAT!!!!!

Dinner with 2 The Close....

Date: 4th September 2008
Venue: our home

We had invited Ming Ru, Kelly, Hsin Yuan and her grandma who are
staying at 2 the close to have dinner at our home.
Each of them had prepared dished to be shared. We did not inform
each other of what dishes to be cooked, so we ended up having
3 dishes of chicken. Anyway, we enjoyed the dinner very much.
Hsin Yuan's grandma will be going back to Taiwan on 10/9/08,
so all the best to her and hope to see her again.

Joyce, Ah Ma, Hsin Yuan, Ming Ru & Kelly