Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Visit Lawrence & Mary in Bridgnorth

Date: 11th July 2009
Venue: Bridgnorth

It has been long time since we planned to visit Lawrence & Mary in
Bridgenorth. Seems that it will be the last chance if we do not visit
them before we go back to Malaysia.

I heard from Nelson, brothers & sisters in BCEC that their house
is super big and cozzy. Well, what i can say is, THEY ARE RIGHT!!!
It's indeed a massive mansion.......

Lawrence & Mary brought us to a Thai restaurant for lunch. The food
are really nice. If you visit Bridgenorth, why not dine in this restaurant
if you fancy Thai food?
(for more info, please visit

Green curry chicken

Red curry Beef

Prawn noodle

Starter: Spicy prawn

From left: Lawrence & Mary (Taiwan), Joyce & Nelson

After lunch, they brought us to Ironbridge.

The world's first cast iron bridge was built over the River Severn at
Coalbrookdale in 1779. Not only iron founders and industrial spies
flocked to see this wondrous bridge, but also artists and travellers.
The Bridge had a far reaching impact: on local society and the economy,
on bridge design and on the use of cast iron in building. The story of the
bridge's conservation begins in 1784 with reports of cracks in the Southern
abutments, and is brought up to date with the English Heritage sponsored
work of 1999.

Wilkinson - The Iron Mad (the businessman)

Thomas Farnolls Pritchard (the designer)

The board with fees to cross over Iron Bridge

I saw the shop which sell soft toys at Bridgnorth High Town.

After visited Iron Bridge, Lawrence brought us to another exciting site,
which is the Severn Valley Railway. Wow.... it was the first time i saw a
steam-hauled train.
For more infor about Severn Vally Bridge, please visit

Next, we went to Bridgnorth Castle. The tower is actually leaning
at the angle of 15 degree. It happened due to the attempt to blow
it up during the Civil War. For more info, please visit

We also saw the Cliff Railway which transport the people from high town
to low town and River Severn and vice versa. For more info, please visit.

Cliff Railway

After about 2 hours walk around the Bridgnorth high town
and low town, we were served with mouth-watering chinese
cuisine prepared by Mary.

Farewell for Shi Tian

Date: 10th July 2009
Venue: BBQ Village Chinese Restaurant

It was great to meet up with Shi Tian before she departed
from Birmingham to be back to Malaysia. She will get married
in September and will be moving to Australia with husband
after they got married. We will miss you, Shi Tian!!!

From left: Xiaoxia (China), Shi Tian (Malaysia) , Wang Xi,
Yuanyuan, Jiale (China), Nelson & Joyce, Dingming, Amy
(aka Serena- China)

Get together lunch with manager & colleagues

Date: 10th July 2009
Venue: The New Inn

After working in Pre-School, I went for lunch with my manager and
all my colleagues at a pub just opposite the Pre-School. At first,
i did not plan to have anything and just wanted to be present
there as it was a staff get together lunch. However, i felt very
akward if i'm the only person who did not have any food or drinks.
So, i orderd a spicy seafood jacket potato & coke.

Oohhh... What i can say is i did not enjoy the food at all......
I felt very sick after i ate the jacket potato. It was stated in the menu
that it's SPICY seafood but what i got was just some thousand island
sauce with some creamy creamy sauce....

SPICY seafood jacket potato

From left: Sudha (India), Joyce & Terri (Philippines)

Goodbye Putti !!

Date: 9th July 2009
Venue: Vivian Road Pre-School

Putti has off to America with her family as her husband is currently
working as doctor is America. All the best to you, Putti !

From left: Sheila, Putti & Joyce

From left: Sheila, Putti, Joyce & Dee

Dinner at Yoko's house

Date: 7th July 2009
Venue: Yoko's house

It was great to be invited to Yoko's house for dinner. We had a lovely
time at her house, enjoying Japanese food and chit chatting with
her husband, Ito. Ito is a very friendly person and he taught us
some Japanese words.

Yoko is from Japan and she is just staying at a house very near
to my work place. I met her at Jill's house and she invited me
to her house on the following week to have a cup of tea during
my lunch hour. Since then, i visit her every Tuesday during
my lunch house and we become close friend. haha...
it's amazing.... I do not ever think of having a Japanese
close friend..... Thank God for this wonderful friend
who i met in Birmingham.

Yoko & family, Nelson, Joyce & Jill

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


We saw this band performance at Mailbox.
Look at the uncle with white hair who is playing the bass guitar...
he's so "yao yeng"

A morning at Jean's house

Date: 7th July 2009
Venue: Jean's house

Today i do not have to work as the children from the pre-school
that i work are going to Monkey Forest. As they do not need
any staff to look after the children and if i want to join the trip,
i have to pay for the entrance fees.... So, i decided not to go....

As usual, i will not let myself doing nothing for the day, so
i have planned a gathering with few wives. It's great to visit
Jean as i have not visited her before since i know her through
Jill. It's also a great opportunity to get Arezoo along and
to get to know her more. She's a very nice and humble lady.

From left: Yoko (Japan), Joyce, Jean (Korea) and Arezoo (Iran)

Special thanks to Jean also for her kindness in preparing us some
healthy lunch (Salad & soup). I stayed at her house for the whole
morning and it was too bad that i have to go back to work in the
afternoon. I felt a bit tired when i was at work after having great time
chit chatting at Jean's house. I felt tired also because i ate too much
during lunch.... hehe.....

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dinner with Tsien Chien

Date: 6th July 2009
Venue: our home

Em....everytime Tsien Chien comes to our house because he wants a
hair cut at the barber shop near our house. This is he came because
he wanted to bid us farewell...... I think we will be going to miss him.....

Dinner at Tong Tong's house

Date: 4th July 2009
Venue: Tong Tong's house

It's great to be invited to Tong Tong's house for dinner. I was really
grateful to Liping as she's the one who introduced me to work
in Vivian Road Pre-School

From left: Liping, Tong, Jianchun, Sun Ping, Xiaoxia & Joyce

Goodbye Wen Liang!!

Date: 4th July 2009
Venue: 38 house

Em....i still remembered we met Wen Liang at BCEC in early of 2008.
Nelson was very excited to know that he's from Tawau, Malaysia.
So, invited him to our house for 2008 Chinese New Year reunion dinner.
He's a nice friend.

He is now at his umcle's house and will be back to Birmingham for graduation
ceremony. We will be going to miss him.
Hopefully we can meet him when
we go back to Malaysia.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Birmingham International Food Fair 2009

Date: 28th June 2009
Venue: Birmingham Victoria Square & New Street

After the Harborne Carnival, We went to the city centre. We thought of
just hang around in the city centre until it's time to go to the church.
Suddenly we discovered the International Food Fair at the Victoria Square.
I felt very excited about it. I just been to a biggest Carnival and now
another fair. We visited the stalls and the food are too expensive
to buy.