Monday, 30 November 2009

Dinner at Wagamama

Date: 29th November 2009
Venue: Wagamama, KK

We had dinner at Japanese restaurant, Wagamama........

Latest photo of Joyce & Nelson..... gaining weight!!!!

The Suhsi conveyer belt

My Myvi

Actually we have bought this car for long time (since September
2009) but i did not have the timeto take the picture of our car
and to post it on blog....i love my car........

Don't misunderstood that Joyce did not help to wash the car.....
this was the first time Nelson washed the car... all the while it
was being washed by Joyce......... haha.........


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Italy Trip - Day 4

Date: 22nd June 2009
Venue: Pisa, Italy

Last day of our Italy trip - Pisa. We went to Pisa by train. Again,
We found some difficulties in finding the place of the B&B.
Finally we found it and to my surprise, the house's design looks
like Malaysia's house. I was very surprise to see the plants
where you could hardly see in Europe countries. It was a sunny

A Due Passi Dal B&B:

Then, we started to walk around the city. We could notice the city
is surrounded by walls.

Ta da!!!! The Leaning Tower!!! I have finally seen it with my eyes.
I always see a lot of pictures where they use the cut and paste
method to edit the pictures so that the person can be seen
standing beside the Leaning Tower.... But hey!!!! I was really
there to take those funny pictures with the tower.... Not only us....
i can say that everyone who visit this place will surely post and the
photographer will try all their best to capture the angle like what
are shown in the pictures below.

Please visit website for more info:

Then, we crossed the river and we reached Santa Maria della Spina.
The sc
Please visit the website for more info:

We heard that Italy is famous for it's coffee but we have not really sat
down and enjoyed the coffee at the coffee shop. So, we decided
to order a hot and cold coffee. Actually it's nothing so special
about the coffee, it's just about the relaxing moment and
the enjoyment of the atmosphere at that coffee shop.... haha...

Then, we came to Piazza dei Cavalieri (the Knight's Square)

Again... it's dinner time.... Well, since it's the last night we were in Italy....
We decided we should have nice dinner......Wow.... i can say that
it's the nicest dinner that we have ever had when we were on trip....
It's only about 26 Euro per set dinner!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad that we
could not remember the name of the restaurant!!!!!

Nelson's meat starter

Joyce's seafood starter

Nelson's meat starter

Joyce's seafood starter

Nelson's main course #1

Joyce's main course #1

Joyce's main course #2

Nelson's main course #2

Joyce's Side dishes


In the next morning, we had breakfast at the B&B.

Then, before we left Italy, we decided to visit the Leaning Tower
for the last time. Although we had a lot of pictures with the
Leaning Tower, we still capture more on the last day
of our trip.

Back to B&B.....

Finally, it's time to go back to Birmingham.....

at the Galilei International Airport.......

End of our Italy Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Italy Trip - Day 3

Date: 21st June 2009
Venue: Florence, Italy

We took a train from Rome to Florence. I felt asleep in the train.....

We spent a lot of time searching for our B&B. We were lost and we kept
on turning to the same road that we have been. We were exhausted but
thank God that we finally found the place. After we placed our luggage in
the B&B we set off to look for food as we were super hungry at that time.
We found a pizza shop (Gustapizza) which offer nice and cheap pizza.

Again... there are a few bridges along the river.

After lunch, we walked around city of Florence. It is not as busy
as Rome. It is more peaceful in that place. Our first destination
was Piazza De' Pitti.

Please visit website for more info:

Then, we crossed over Ponte Vecchio which consider as a very famous
bridge in Florence. It is the oldest wholly-stone, closed spandrel segmental
arch bridge.
There are a lot of people selling gold and jewellery along the
Please visit website for more info:

Can you believe that this waffle ice cream cost 12 Euro??????....
Please make sure you check the price before you order
1 piece of waffle is 4 Euro, if 2 pieces is 8 Euro....
1 scope of ice cream is 4 Euro......

Next, Piazza della Signoria. It is a L-shaped square in front of the
Palazzo Vecchio.
Please visit website for more info:

Benvenuto Cellini's Statue Perseus With the Head
of Medusa

Loggia dei Lanzi

A shop which sells wood craft

Next, we reached a place call Piazza Duomo. Basilica di Santa Maria
del Fiore is one of the largest churches in Italy and the dome if the
largest in the world.

Please visit website for more info

Façade of the cathedral

The last judgement - under the dome

San Lorenzo Market Street

Our next destination was Piazza S.Maria Novella. It is the first
great basilica in Florence
Please visit website for more info:

Ok...It's time for dinner again... There are a lot of restaurants along
the street near
Piazza S.Maria Novella. So, base on our experience,
we would not choose to dine in at the restaurants where the waiters
or waitress pulling business outside of the restaurants.
We chose a restaurant which is packed with people and the food
served were really delicious.

Joyce's starter

Nelson's starter

Nelson's main course

Joyce's main course

After the dinner, we walked around the shops before we went back
to B&B. I saw a shop selling chocolates. Wow... the chocolates
were nicely decorated..............

End of 3rd day....................................................