Thursday, 31 January 2008

Shi Tian's Graduation Ceremony

Date: 30th January 2008
Venue: Symphony Hall

It was very crowded in the Symphony Hall and it was really difficult
to look for people. Being a short girl, i could not really see far. So,
what i can do is to stand on a higher place tried to spot for Shi Tian &
Yuan Yuan. I failed. Hence, I have to call both of them.

Huh???? No answer from Shi Tian ???? try again.......
No answer from Yuan Yuan too ???? How???? Try, try, and try.......
Finally, Shi Tian picked up the phone. I called her 3 times before i can
actually locate her.

Too bad that we can't get Yuan Yuan for photo taking.

BIG Converse shoes

Date: 30th January 2008
Venue: Bull Ring

As i was walking in Bull Ring, suddenly i spotted a big Converse shoes
in the shop. It's very attractive so i planned to take a picture of that
shoes. However, i noticed that the sales man was starring at me.
I was so scared, so i moved further away from that shop and tried to
zoom as much as i can. haha!!!! i got it. BIG Converse shoes.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Chinese New Year sharing by Hazel

Date: 29th January 2008
Venue: Jill's house

We were glad to have Hazel (China) shared with us something about
Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Fire !!!!! Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 29th January 2008
Venue: Kitchen of my house

As usual, i will prepare breakfast for Nelson. At the time, the sky was still
dark. When i looked out of the window, i saw some thick black "cloud" on
the sky. I thought it will be raining soon, so i just ontinue to prepare
the breakfast. About 10 minutes later, when day getting brighter,
and when i looked out of the window again.........

OOOOH NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not cloud !!!!! It's black smoke.....My neighour's
backyard is on fire !!!!!!!!! What should i do?????? report to police?????
hmm....... what number?????? Haiya... i better inform Nelson (who was in
the toilet at that time)............

After 5 minutes, the fire engine arrived and the firefighters managed to
put off the fire in a very short time.

Being a very " 8 " people, i did manage to snap some photos of that incident
although i was in a panic. hehehehe !!!!!!!

Asap berkepul- kepul (i still remember the kata ganda that
i've learnt in primary school)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Miss those days when i was AH JIE (阿姐)

Me and Kai Loon are consider as best friend in AIM church as we grew up
together in Sunday School. One Sunday morning, we were chatting in
front of the church entrance after Sunday School.

Date: A Sunday in 1999
Venue: In front of church entrance

Kai Loon: You don't have a brother hoh?

Joyce: yaloh..... i only have a sister..... i wish i can have a brother....
especially elder brother.... you aldo don't have sister hoh???

Kai Loon: yaloh.....Eh!!!! abo i become your brother lah.... since you
want to have a brother..... and you can become my sister, as i also
wish to have a sister.....

Joyce: Good idea..... i'm older than you.... so, i'm your "jie jie"(姐姐) and
you are my "kai sai lo" (契细佬)

Kai Loon: ok... so, i'll call you 阿姐 (ah jie)........

Joyce: ok ...... hahaha.......
This is how i get my nickname "阿姐"....... I missed those days when he
called me "阿姐". I still remember the last time he called me "阿姐" was
on 16th April 2006 after the Sunday Worship. He waved me goodbye.

Kai Loon brought his younger brother, Kai Tit to church in year (2000).
Kai Tit accepted Christ in year 2001. So, Ger Wei asked me to follow up him.
Every Saturday before youth fellowship starts, I will have 30 minutes
follow up class with him. His brother, Kai Loon called me "阿姐", he
also followed. So, now i have 2 "brothers".

Kai Tit (photo taken by Lee Lian after Sunday worship)

Kai Loon & Kai Tit (photo taken after MYIF anniversary 2005)


I am staying in Bayan Baru and my church is in Air Itam. After i got my
driving lisence (year 2000), Ger Wei asked my to fetch a "boy" from Relau,
which is quite near to my house. His name is Chuan Feng. He was only
span >in Form 2 but looked very tall. He was shy, so he talked only
a little in the car. In order to break the silence, I'm the one who always
initiate a chatting topic. Sooner or later, we became friend. After a few
months later, i found out that he also called me "阿姐".
So, now i have 3 "brothers"

Chuan Feng
(photo taken at TAO restaurant, my farewell dinner, 2007)


Later, i discovered that more and more people call me "阿姐",

for example:

Kean Haaw @ Ah Beh (photo taken at Kuala Perlis 2005)

Ah Boy (left) & Joe
(photo taken after MYF house cleaning 2007)

Zhi Xin

Ke Qiang (now in Japan)

And i can't belive that Ger Wei also call me "阿姐".........

Ger Wei
(photo taken at Inti College Malaysia, Mighty Man camp 2006)

And i also can't belive that Ger Wei's younger sister, Ger Fong also
call me "阿姐".........

Ger Fong @ Lala (photo taken at Joy Kids camp 2006)

And....sometimes, CK does call me "阿姐".........Haiyo... so pai sei!!!!

CK, Ger Fong, TY & Joyce
(photo taken by Lee Lian after Sunday Worship)

Joon Nee
(photo taken after AIM Kindy Graduation Ceremony 2007)

Wan Huei @ Ella
(photo taken after Ger Wei's Graduation Ceremony 2007)

Sui Yin @ Cheri
(photo taken after AIM kindy Graduation Ceremony 2006)

Goh Kah Wei

Hsueh Wern @ Ticu

Chai Fong
(photo taken at church, after AIM Christmas celebration, 2006)

Tze Ting (photo taken after MYF house cleaning, 2007)

Chee Chai @ Choy Ko
(photo taken at church , after CNY Thanksgiving Service, 2007)

Chia Choon (photo taken at G hotel, 25th BB Anniversary, 2007)

Guang How (photo taken at G hotel, 25th BB Anniversary, 2007)

Han Bin
(photo taken at my house, steamboat farewell party, 2007)

Kean Lun (photo taken at MYF steamboat fellowship, 2006)

Chiew Chern
(photo taken at Brothers Bungalow, Dynamic camp, 2007)

Chui Mien (photo taken on Ella's birthday party, 2007)

Siew Fun @ Ah Fun
(photo taken at Youth Park, MAPs team building, 2007)

However, Kheng Wooi is the one who does not call me "阿姐".........
But sometimes, he will call me " Joyce"..... hahaha..........

Kheng Wooi
(photo taken at Halo Cafe, CNY gathering with Moon & Amy, 2007)

Miss those days when you all call me "阿姐".........!!!!!!!

I'm very honoured to have you all call me "阿姐". Thanks for the wonderful

frienship that you all have offered to me.

Remember!!!! In Jesus Christ, We are one family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish... fish.....

Date: 27th January 2008
Venue: our home

We had bought a fish yesterday and decided to cook it for dinner.
As usual, Nelson will be the weekend's chef ......

Look !!! How skillful that he poured the sauce on the fish....... yum!!! yum!!!

Western dinner - prepared by my big chef, Nelson

Date: 26th January 2008
Venue: our home

Nelson suggested to have western food as dinner. So, he will be the one
who prepare it as i don't know how to cook western food.

Besides than the steak, we still have some side dishes such as wedges,
onion ring, tomato and mix vege. I have given half of my steak and
some onion rings to Nelson as i can't finish it.

Both of us had gained a lot of weight after we got married. Seems like it's
time for us to keep fit !!!!!

A good man !!!!!!

Date: 26th January 2008
Venue: Joey's house

After the living spring cell group, suddenly the house became a bit
"chaotic". Amy supposed to prepare a dish for the international student's
meal which will start 30 minutes after the cell group. Somebody will
pick Joey and her up in 15 minutes time. She was in a panic and started to
look for her mobile phone.
While everyone was busy chit chatting to each other in the living room,
and Amy was still searching for her mobile phone, suddenly Shane
discovered a "good man" was working quietly in the kitchen. He's
actually helping Amy to cut the chicken. ooohhh.... what a good man!!!!
By the way, his name is Sun Peng.

See !!!! Sun Peng is still working when 2 sisters are
busy with their mobile phoen.