Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Yum Cha with Sherwynne

Date: 18th April 2010
Venue: Old Town, One Borneo, KK

We met my sister's ex-primary classmates in the airport when we were
heading back to KK. We were in the same flight. I did not know that
she's still studying in KK, and i thought she has graduated.
She attended our matrimony ceremony in KK.

So, we arranged a time for yum cha. In our conversation, i accidentally
found out that her aunt is also Penang lang who has got married to a
Sabah kia and moved to Sabah. Wow.... great discovery!!!!!!!!!!!! My
husband was overjoyed as he finally found someone who can be
companion and comfort to her wife who miss her home so much....
hahha.......Sherwynne said that she will make arrangement so that
both her aunt and i can meet each other.... i really looking forward
to meeting her anut.......

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