Friday, 2 January 2009

Jalan -jalan cari makan di KK, Sabah - Part 1

Date: 29/11/08 - 14/12/08
Venue: KK, Sabah

The most important thing to do when we go back to Malaysia is
"EAT, EAT and EAT"......... It's almost hopeless to get delicious
Malaysian food in UK and we have been waited for 1 year.......
Below were our "mission" in searching good food in KK, Sabah

Venue: Yen Oi cafe (in Foh Sang Garden)
F&B: Herbal drinks and kuih-muih

Joyce likes the Popiah

Venue: Cannot remember the place, hahaha!!!!
F&B: Famous for seafood

Venue: Any Nelson snack's stall (in any shopping complex)
F&B: Waffles, corn in the cup, Dorayaki, Ice cream potong,
Pearl bubble tea

Venue: Sang Yuk Mien coffee shop (in Lintas Plaza)
F&B: Sang Yuk Mien (Pork Mee)

Venue: Korean restaurant (in Wisma Merdeka)
F&B: famous for Korean food

Venue: Kaya ball stall (in Kompleks Karamunsing)
F&B: Kaya ball

Venue: Diamond Chinese restaurant (in Foh Sang Garden)
F&B: Chinese food

Venue: Big Apple donuts (in Warisan Square)
F&B: donuts & coffee

Venue: Soto Mee shop (in Tawau)
F&B: famous for Soto Mee

Venue: Cannot remember the place.... haha
F&B: Chinese food

End of Part 1 ...... more to come

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